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Mindrover A Fully Autonomous, Unsupervised & Knowledge
Driven Vision System, providing a broad spectrum of solutions to You, with state of art Stack Generalization Alogrithm.


Mindrover is the only solution available to the users through out the world which help them to get to the main course of their business and product life cycle instead of jumping on auxillary parts of the product. Mindrover librate users from going through the hectic process of data sampling, cleaning, filtering and ETL by performing the autonomous graph generalization based ontology extraction and cleaning. Mindrover generalized AI stacking framework helps our clients by performing automoatic model tuning and parameters assesments thus reducing critical time and resource consumption.

The objective of Mindrover is to enable users from various traits i.e. business, sales, marketting, manufacturing, finances etc to join the pipeline of machine and deep learning for their day to day use and enjoy the benefits of modern AI without being dependent on tech teams.

Mindrover is designed for being user friendly for non-techs and capture those who are currently alien to the AI technology. Mindrover serves the global community of business and industry and removes the barriers of technology for all race of users.

Mindrover Demos

Farrukh Zamir CEO


Kawish Hussain CTO


Adeel Ahmed CFO