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supporting various categories including Entertainment, Sports, Education, Training & Infotainment.


Data is the digital currency of today's world and in data the video and streaming content reflects the behavior of gold. As of now approx half of the world of internet users are consuming streams for their various day to day tasks i.e. Education, Entertainment, Infotainment, Conferences, and Discussions. For making things happen a lot of streaming service providers are already in action like Netflix, Hulu, Diseny, Youtube etc.

Loop is the unique steaming service with an innovative business model that removes all the financial burdens of the content provider by providing them options to pay as you earn. The pay as you earn model elevates the steaming financial burder from the content creators and allows them to focus on the job at hand. This enables them to have more productive and usefull content generation as of previous.

Loop is the only service that is targetting Education and Infotainment for its wide userbase and providing them rich and adaptive streaming service on their devices. The categorization of streams helps users to control their viewership on the platform and allows more effective and ellaborative parental and family control.

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