CodeX Lab

Having roots in Research & Innovation, Codex is always involved in Research & Development of products and technologies that can generate reliable and adaptable solutions to the challenges faced by industries of today and tomorrow. In CodeX Lab, we envision the next technology, bring concepts and ideas into reality for our partners and clients. Our Lab is always open to discuss challenging issues faced by companies and proposes solutions to that. At CodeX Lab, we study, research, innovate and design solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cryptography, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Natural Language Processing, Data Driven Business Models and Strategies, Digital Footprint Analysis, HealthCare etc.

GANN Driven Stock Forecast with AI

Stack Generalization Algorithm for Ensembling Analysis

Truely Unsupervised Image Analysis & Captioning via Knowledge Graph

Crypto-Computation over Encrypted Data

Crypto Wallet for Crypto Curreny & Exchanges

Real time voice translation over Loop

Autonomous EMR Analysis for unsupervised insights

Autonomous Market Segmentation & Emotion Mapping

Completely AI Driven Tremor Control using FES