We Wing Your Business With Technology To Fly

Get your ideas maped to reality with Codex. Our R&D team enables the broad spectrum of technology to deliver exceptional to our clients.

Codex, benchmarked experience of solution delivery from startups to fortune 500, delivers your milestone in shape, time and cost.

Brain to Business

Equipe your business with the brain to perceive, think, analyze, reason and react. Our PTA2R visionzies you and your domain to see the future and act even before others realize to think.

Looking the abyss

Fuel your desire to see the abyss and wisdom running as soul into your data with our SGA driven Deep Learning core. Be it a research analysis or industrial outcomes our SGA is well equipped with data driven analysis.

The new Currency

Data is the new currency of the world. Codex ensures that you and your business know well to expense this in a way that dictates clear and loud outcomes. Our on fly B-DAC is ready to enagege with any data you want to monetize.

Communicate with Control

Effective & reliable communication has been a tool of growth since the dawn, however the security of communication is upmost from all. In the history of technology only we offer a complete secured and autonomous communication with your complete control over it.

Better Living, The Birth Right

Human life and health is the most precious element we have and codex likes to play it's vital role in it. Our AI driven tremor control and suspention wearable, first ever in the industry, promises a better living to our patient suffering from essential or parkinson tremors.

A Trade that always benefits

Trading is the best business however the associated risk is always high, ease you trading with ensured profits by first ever AI and GANN driven Stock Market Analysis and Trading engine of ours. Understand the market not with money but with human and nature physchology.

Broad Spectrum Tech Stack

Get your ideas materialized in a quick sprint, be it on web, mobile or desktop. We deliver exceptional tools to manage and run your business according to your need. Free your mind from hassle of deployment and execution. We are the complete stack covering innovation, design, development, deployment, client handling and responses.

We're Innovators

About Us

  • We leverage our broad knowledge base from concept analysis, product design & development, market analysis and digital presence handling to deliver solutions that meet customer's needs, business, and budget expectations.
  • Choosing Codex as a technology partner comforts our clients that their business is in the right hands.
  • Our growing team is composed of Researchers, Doctors, Engineers & Market Experts with a broad spectrum of technology and spans the globe with headquarters in California and offices around the world.
  • Since our inception in 2015 we have helped organizations ranging from Startups that went public, to Fortune 500 companies, and WHO featured NGOs. We ensured that our partners become innovation leaders by delivering software that rotates the market.
  • The experience bench allows our partners to select the right technology, architecture and processes to follow and oversee the successful delivery of their products and projects.
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Our Core Features

Let us help you to achieve your milestones with our team of R&D professionals having years of experience that speaks for itself.

Innovation Center

Welcome to the world of software innovation, we build solutions to last with complete adherence to technology and business of the future...

Brain Center

Experience the sparkling mind of a machine that lets you see the depth and skies of your business and related data. Solutions that are turing complete with human cognitive capabilities...

Currency Center

Our partners are always happy and comfortable that their currency of today's world is in safe hands and being processed to get the most out of it for their business...

Business Center

Enjoy the expressive and dynamic business intelligence and process automation with our on fly configurable and software defined business intelligence engine...

Algo Center

Discuss your ideas with us to convert them into the language of nature, our seasoned team of researchers in various fields opens the spectrum of possibilities to you...

Communication Center

Capture the trending behavior of work from anywhere with our smart, secured and AI driven communication solutions over phone, web & mobile...


Our Services


Software Development

  • Development: Python, Go, Java, Julia, C/C++/C#, ASP.NET
  • Scope & Time both Engagements Options
  • Legacy and Third Party Application Customization.

Mobile Development

  • Development: Android, IOS, React Native, Cordova, X-code
  • Scope & Time both Engagements Options
  • App integration and customization

Web Development

  • Development: Angular, React, PHP, JavaScript, Typescript & CSS / HTML
  • Scope & Time both Engagements Options
  • Web customization and integrations

ML/DL & AI Sytem Design

  • Development & Innovations in AI, ML, DL
  • Concept to Product Guidance & Implementation Assistance
  • Algorithm Analysis and Model Design, Train & Validation


BigData Systems

  • Story Analysis and Solution Proposition over need, usability & trends
  • Business Process Innovation & BigData Analytics
  • Business Intelligence & Visualization


  • Complete Stack for proprietary & open clouds
  • Kubernetes, Dockers & Cloud Deployment
  • Release Management, Tracking, Product Life & Update Management

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